Very sandy area crossing Watson Wash

Bicycle camping in and around Mojave National Preserve 2006

Day 4: Mid Hills campground to Caruthers Canyon

19.16 miles, 2:20 hrs, 21.1 max, 8.2 mph avg

Elevation: 5500 feet to 4800 to 5600

I proceed onward out of the wash and up a small hill onto harder ground. I'm not too worried about my slowness since I don't have too many miles to ride today. It's warm and sunny, but not uncomfortably hot, and the scenery is enjoyable.

New York Mountains Road: yes, this is a road

Once out of the wash, hopefully for good, I'm thinking that there won't be any more ultra-sandy areas to deal with for a while. However, there are always more, but none so difficult as what I've just passed through.

The road now alternates between the hard ridable surfaces that I like and shorter less ridable sandy segments where natural drainage crosses the road and deposits sand and silt on the road's surface.

Sometimes I can build up just enough speed to sail through these areas despite a total loss of traction. However, at other times I have no choice but to dismount and drag the bike through the sand.

I reach what looks like it might be the intersection where I need to turn right and it looks like two lonely houses set way back from the road. It's hard to tell from here. I guess that this must be their driveway, not the road I'm looking for.

Mound cactus in bloom by the abandoned corral

So I continue.

About a mile later, I reach another junction closer to the New York Mountains and am pretty sure that this must be the place where I need to turn right to stay on the New York Mountains Road. I continue riding at speeds between three and eight miles per hour, and its almost a downhill slope. Nice ride, no other traffic!

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